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    Description of University Dental Clinics and Phantom Cabinets at Caucasus International University

    Within the framework of Educational Programme in Dentistry, two University Dental Clinics for students and residents are operating at the university, equipped with modern dental appliances and materials. 7 dental chairs, new technologies (Radiovisiographs (R.V.G) X-ray, Ultrasonic Scalers, Air-Flow system, Dental Led Curing Lights), modern high-quality composite restorative materials as well as new materials for root canal treatment enable residents to gain practical experience in accordance with modern standards, to have direct contact with patients, to improve the techniques for patients’ examination, to make the diagnostics for main dental diseases and disorders. Acquisition of various practical skills of traditional and modern techniques of treatment procedures ensures further development of a resident with dental practitioner capabilities.

    As for students, they are provided an opportunity to understand the principles of dental chair functioning, proper use of its parts, the importance and clinical significance of correct patient and operator position whilst performing different dental therapeutic procedures through imitating the practical details on the patient related to dentist work.

    Rooms for Phantom Studies are operating at the university equipped with the latest anatomical models and phantoms, portable electrical hand pieces that help students in practical realization of theoretical knowledge gained at the university during the studying process.

    The student is able to get familiar with modern techniques and methods of caries cavity preparations and filling, peculiarities of use of dental materials and realize practically the significance of sequence of endodontic manipulations and all the necessary tools and instruments to be used for carrying out such manipulations.

    With a lecturer’s assistance the student carries out simple endodontic manipulations in the University clinic: e.g. demonstrating basic methods and stages of preparation of hard tissues of a tooth; demonstrating the stages of intracoronal and intraradicular preparation; carrying out adequate anesthetization. As a result the student is able to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience from an early stage of studying within the framework of Educational Programme in Dentistry.



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