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    Student life in CIU

    Caucasus International University (CIU) students have the opportunity to obtain detailed information on student life and services.

    CIU provides the protection of students’ rights and interests enrolled in educational programs based on legislation and internal normative acts. This issue is regulated by the Law of Georgia on Higher Education, Provision of CIU, Internal Regulation, Regulation for Academic Process, Code of Ethics, Provision of Library and agreements signed with students.

    Student Activities

    Caucasus International University plays a significant role in public, social/cultural life of the country and contributes to the development of the country and society. In addition, it facilitates the development and implementation of effective learning tools. Various events are systematically organized in the university. Every academic year at Caucasus International University is distinguished by the number of events and thematic diversities.

    Student life significantly defines the formation of an individual’s professional and personal values; correspondingly, CIU is oriented on creating healthy student environment at the university. Our aim is to assist and give opportunity to every student to reveal himself/herself, develop his/her sphere of interests and participate in student events on behalf of the university.

    Public Lectures

    CIU offers interesting and diverse student life to its students: public lectures delivered by famous scientists and successful representatives of various fields; expeditions in Georgia or abroad; engagement in music band, art and singing studios, wine theatre, sport sections and participation in intellectual competitions in order to reveal personal talent and interests.

    Student Employment

    CIU is actively concerned with the employment of students during student period as well as after graduation. Career Development Service has been established for this purpose. It constantly organizes various activities, invites the representatives of state structures and private companies and holds Job Fairs.

    Student Clubs

    CIU Art Studio organizes summarizing exhibition annually.

    The ensemble Caucasian unites students interested in folk songs and instruments. The ensemble is actively involved in the University events and various charitable activities.

    Theater troupe -Wine Theatre is successfully functioning in CIU. The troupe annually participates in international festival of amateur student theatres – Mask and wins prizes.

    The club of the cheerful and sharp-witted has been established at CIU. The team Old Boys has won the title of Georgian Champion for the second time during the last three years.

    Sport at Caucasus International University

    Basketball, football, volleyball (for girls and boys) and rugby teams function at CIU in order to promote healthy lifestyle.

    The basketball players successfully started 2017-2018 academic year. The team was granted the right to play in A League, which means the professional level.

    The University rugby team has been actively involved in the tournaments organized by the university sports federation for the third year. CIU rugby team is improving the results from year to year.

    Student Auto Club

    CIU Auto Club managed to take several prizes and became the winner of Students Cup during three years of existence.

    In order to offer more interesting student-life the university permanently organizes the following games – What? Where? When? jeopardy, quiz round.

    Student Self-Government

    University student self-governance has implemented a number of significant projects, including Student Life, which showed students’ special interest and high level of involvement. Student self-governance collaborates with state as well as private organizations. Consequently, CIU students were offered involvement in the implementation of various significant and interesting projects. This unit represents one of the most important ones of the university and it promotes students’ active life in both scientific and cultural-recreational spheres. The areas of their interests are: education, science, sport, tourism, protection of students’ rights, culture, working on projects, etc.

    Peer Mentor

    Peer Mentor Institute is functioning at the university. Its sphere of activity is to introduce the university to freshmen and mobility students, to engage them in university life, to offer consultations and recommendations in various directions. A mentor carries out activities with its student group through direct meetings, individual consultations, social networking through group communication, excursions and other gatherings.