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    25.09.17 - CIU Representatives at Project: No More Whispers: Spreading EU Goodness in Cyprus

    Caucasus International University doctoral students Shorena Kurdadze, Tamar Nadirashvili and graduate, MA student Jovana Ablotia visited Cyprus within the framework of Erasmus+ project “No More Whispers: Spreading EU Goodness.

    The project envisaged the mobility of the youth from EU member countries as well as non-member ones.

    Within the framework of the project, the training cycle was conducted where young people discussed the values of the European Union together with their trainers and shared their knowledge/experience.

    12 organizations from the following countries: Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Montenegro, Cyprus, Serbia, Romania, Georgia, Poland and Great Britain participated in the project.

    The project which was held from 18 to 25 September was organized by Cyprus Educational Institute DOREA.

    22.07.17 – Summer School – Back to the Past

    Caucasus International University in cooperation with the Lithuanian organization "Mokymosi Idejos" and the Polish organization Stowarzyszenie “LABEDZ” implemented a project “Back to the Past” within the framework of Erasmus Plus Summer School” in the Polish city of Radzyń Podlaski on July 17-22, 2017.

    Eight Caucasus International University students of the faculty of Social Sciences, Medicine, Law and Business participated in the summer school. CIU student group was headed by two representatives of the university administration: Nana Parinos, the Rector's Assistant, Invited Lecturer, Head of US Department of American Studies Center "USACA" and Jovana Ablotia, specialist of the Teaching Process Management Department.

    The activities implemented within the project were of cultural-exchange nature and young people from different countries participated in it. Each day offered different events. The participants presented culture of their country through various interactive games and workshops. The first national evening of the summer school was dedicated to Georgia. CIU students performed national dances, songs and organized the tasting of Georgian sweets. In addition, CIU students made presentation on current educational programs, current and future student projects and exchange programs at the university.

    Within the framework of the summer school, young people were invited by Radzyń Podlaski and Komarowka Podlaska municipalities. At the meeting, CIU students of the BA Program in International Relations placed emphasis on the perspectives of future collaboration within the framework of municipal diplomacy. At the end of the meeting participants were given souvenirs

    In addition to the above activities, project participants visited Roskosz and Biała Podlaska museums where they received interesting information about the city and became familiar with the forgotten professions.

    The summer school has given great experience and knowledge to each participant as they have stated.

    16.12.15 – Project – Start Living Healthier

    “Start Living Healthier” is the name of ERASMUS+ project which was created by non-governmental organization “Mokimosi idejos” in partnership with Caucasus International University (Georgia) and non-governmental organizations from four different countries: Spain, Turkey, Macedonia, and Estonia. The project was held from 18 to 24 November, 2015 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

    Five students from different courses and faculties have been selected as the result of an interview and they participated in the project on behalf of Caucasus International University. They are: Lela Varshanidze, Aleksandra Shakaia, Mariam Gigineishvili, Giorgi Mekvabidze and Dima Nebieridze.

    It is worth mentioning that one of the authors of the above mentioned project is the graduate of Caucasus International University Mariam Lapeniene.

    The name of the project “Start Living Healthier” expresses the main idea of the project and the organizers’ wish – to give motivation to the youth to start healthy life.

    To achieve the goal and demonstrate in practice the theoretical knowledge presentations, various activities and innovative teaching methodology have been used. Creative approach, which demanded from participants to create shorts stories, songs, or short performances made informal education more attractive and highlighted the advantage of healthy lifestyle. Project participants filmed a motivating video by surveying Lithuanian youth whether they followed healthy lifestyle or not. Furthermore, invited speakers shared their experience with the youth and gave useful advice.

    In order to find out whether they have reached their aim or not, the organizers made the participants face the following challenge – according to the given task the youth have to conduct a seminar for Kaunas “sporto ir sveikatimino gimnazija” students. Sharing knowledge did not represent difficulty for them. However, the main challenge was to give a seminar in an interesting and funny way. Therefore, participants who were divided into five groups have used energizers to talk around different significant issues. They carried out an experiment and performed a short play. These helped them to improve presentation skills, deepen English language knowledge and see the significance of healthy lifestyle.

    The project not only deepened volunteers’ knowledge in relation to the significance of healthy lifestyle but gave them opportunity to become familiar with cultures of different countries, customs and cuisine. Caucasus International University students also created Georgian corner, thus they introduced our culture, supra traditions, and let the guests taste Georgian wine, churchkhela, nuts, cheese and Khachapuri. The participants acquired many new friends, knowledge and, the most important, unforgettable impressions.

    Consequently, a week tour in Kaunas, a small city of Lithuania turned out to be profitable and full of impressions.

    06.10.15 – Project Youth Olympics of Health

    Sport and healthy lifestyle is essential for everyone. In the 21st century an individual has everything to follow a healthy lifestyle, take up sport and forget bad habits (drugs, smoking, alcohol, junk food) which hinders his/her physical and mental development.

    As the result of the partnership between Caucasus International University and Lithuanian organization “mokymosi idejos” Caucasus International University has announced a competition to participate in a project funded by Erasmus+. The above mentioned project (Youth Olympics of Health) aims at promoting healthy lifestyle among the youth and raising awareness in relation to this issue.

    Project trainings were held in Vranov and Prague, Czech Republic (19.07-26.07). Three candidates have been selected from 21 contestants as the result of the interview with the head of the organization. Caucasus International University and its partner organization (“mokymosi idejos”) gave opportunity to students to go to Czech Republic in order to participate in this interesting project.

    During the training 42 participants (Georgia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy, and Bulgaria) were divided into groups. We did interesting tasks, had presentations on the topic: Racism and Xenophobia in Sports. We made a short theatrical performance, which aimed at showing the negative impact of drugs on an individual and society. In addition, we made video clips on the same topic. There were many incentive games and competitions. Every evening we had an opportunity to taste traditional cuisine of different countries.

    I must admit that it has been a great experience for me. I received a lot of information concerning healthy lifestyle, acquired new friends, improved my English fluency and became familiar with cultures of various countries.

    I would like to express my gratitude towards my university and “mokimosi idejos” for giving me an opportunity to demonstrate myself, Georgia, university and the sending organization.

    Sopho Vadachkoria

    IV year student

    Program of Journalism, Caucasus International University