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    CIU Student Self-Governance is a student representative body that protects and presents students’ interests in relation to the University management. In addition, it contributes to the active student life in the university through various events and activities.

    Student self-governance members are elected by secret ballot for a period of 2 years based on majoritarian and proportional electoral system. The elected members constitute the basic core of the self-governance, which has the right to vote at the general meeting.

    Besides the elected members, any interested individual can become a member of student self-governance. S/he will join the self-governance as volunteer-member, however s/he will be deprived the right to vote at the general meeting.

    Self-Governance Charter

    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer-member, please write to us on the facebook page of Student Self-Governance facebook.com/Ciu-student-self-government


    Structure of Current Student Self-Governance:

    Acting President - Dimitri Khubulava 

    Room № 310

    E-mail: dimitri.khubulava@ciu.edu.ge