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    Caucasus International University (CIU) is a higher education institution based on national values and constant changes, aiming at producing competitive, high-qualified staff and their integration with national and international sphere.

    Higher education is one of the most significant public responsibilities; therefore, we strive to make the education received in our university comprehensive, based on scientific researches. Three academic stages (Under-Graduate, Graduate, Doctoral Programs) are focused on students – promoting their talent and raising their professional skills. Implementation of research and innovation, educational system management with the help of comprehensive transparent tools are among the main priorities of CIU.

    There are no objectives without consequences and vice-versa! The 26-year-old history of the university proved that, our attempt to create a university of a classic European style with high academic standards based on Georgian values produced the desired result.

    Nowadays we possess every condition for being competitive in national and international sphere.

    The University offers:

    A rich library, TV and radio studios, Editing Rooms, Multimedia Centre, Teaching Laboratories for Basic Medicine Disciplines, Anatomy Workroom equipped with modern stimulated items, Scientific-Research Laboratory of  Neuro-Sciences and Applied Physiology, Laboratory of Bio-Chemistry, Workrooms – Stimulated Techniques, Dental Clinics for Residency and University Disciplines, Moot Court, Law Clinic, Caucasus Geopolitical Modelling Laboratory, Conflict Resolution and Career Development Centres, Tourism Workroom, Cellar “Kolkhi, Scientific-Research Centre of Viticulture-Winemaking, Microvinification Research Laboratory, Laboratories of Wine-Chemistry, Ampelography and Micro-Biology, Tasting Room, etc.

    University Priorities:

    • Research and practice-oriented teaching based on international standards;
    • Integration with international educational space;
    • A team of highly qualified academic personnel with practical experience;
    • A building equipped with modern infrastructure and technologies;
    • The employment of students and alumni at CIU, governmental and non-governmental structures;
    • Exchange programs;
    • Scholarships;
    • Diverse and happy student life;
    • Flexible payment system.

    University offers student-oriented environment and education in compliance with high academic standards, thus defining students’ knowledge base, power and future perspective!

    Being a CIU student means gaining high-quality education, having a successful career, opportunities for constant development and a successful student life.


    We make your future!